Search and Rescue

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Register a beacon

Register an emergency beacon online

It is mandatory for all 406 MHz ELTs and EPIRBs to be registered with the Canadian Beacon Registry.

Maritime Mobile Service Identity MMSI

Obtain a Maritime Mobile Service Identity MMSI

It is not necessary that a ship have a radio licence in order to be issued an MMSI.

Who needs VHF-DSC Radio?

Certain vessels must be equipped with a VHF-DSC radio when making near coastal or unlimited voyages off the coasts of Canada. Learn more about emergency communication equipment from the Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide

SAR New Intiatives Fund

Call for proposals and Applicant guide

Call for proposals SAR New Initiatives Fund


Inshore rescue boat IRB Service

A rigid hull inflatable boat with three crew members travelling at high speed

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

The Canadian Coast Guard oversees CCGA activities. Learn more about the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary pennant is blue and white bearing a red maple leaf

Report a Maritime SAR Incident

Emergency Numbers (24-hour)

  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nunavut, Northwest Territories
  • British Columbia, Yukon
    Cellular #727

Plans for Co-operation Between Search and Rescue Services and Passenger Ships

Description of plan for co-operation

The text of regulation SOLAS V/7.3

"Passenger ships to which Chapter 1 applies, shall have onboard, a plan for co-operation with appropriate Search and Rescue (SAR) service in the event of an emergency. The Plan shall be developed in co-operation between the ship, the company, as defined in regulation IX/1, and the Search and Rescue services. The Plan shall include provisions for periodic exercises to be undertaken to test its effectiveness."

Description of a plan for co-operation between Search and Rescue services and passenger ships

  1. Company Information, 24/7 contacts
  2. Ship information
  3. SAR information
  4. SAR facilities
  5. Media relations
  6. Periodic exercices

Canadian Rescue Centres do not maintain the status of SAR Data Providers.

A SAR Data Provider should be capable of providing the SAR Plan for each ship to any Rescue Service 24/7 & 365 days a year. They can be Ships Agents, Company Representatives, and Company HQ staff designated for such actions, but the ship itself cannot be the SAR Data Provider. Designated staff should be able to send detailed, updated SAR Plans by e-mail or fax and other electronic means, as soon as requested by the Rescue Services.

The International Contact to Register all SOLAS Passenger Ship SAR Co-operation Plans resides with HMCG MRSC Falmouth in the United Kingdom tel: +44 1326 317575 website: International SAR Co-operation Plans Index

Worldwide Rescue Services can be found by using: Sarcontacts or the Admiralty List of Radio Signals Volume #5.


Non-Emergency SAR Program contact information

SAR Program Sarnia, Ontario

Canadian Coast Guard
Search and Rescue Programs Branch
520 Exmouth Street
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 8B1


SAR Program Victoria, British Columbia

Canadian Coast Guard
25 Huron Street
Victoria BC, V8V 4V9

Telephone: 250-480-2621
Fax Number: 250-480-2793