Levels of Service

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is committed to providing its clients in the marine environment with the best services possible within its available resources. In 2007, the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) conducted over 30 client engagement sessions on the subject of CCG levels of service. During the review, clients commented on the importance of each of CCG’s 6 programs and, in some cases, requested additional services. As part of the Levels of Service (LOS) Review, in addition to responding to our clients' comments, we committed to update the 2007 CCG Levels of Service and Service Standards (LOS) document.

The updated Levels of Service document is now available. It is designed to clearly communicate the services clients can expect from CCG and ensure service standards are consistent across the country. Most of the changes to the document are minor as CCG was able to implement many of the suggestions made by clients during the Review without changing its levels of service. The 2010 version includes: updated terminology; improved program descriptions; new service standards for the Environmental Response (ER) program and the removal of outdated services, specifically Loran-C.