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Headquarters Representatives

Gary B. Sidock
Director General, Fleet

Ron Miller
Director, Operational Support

Miriam Van Roosmalen
Director, Fleet Operational Business

Jean Frenette
Director, Fleet Safety and Security

Steve Peck
Director, Marine Personnel

Michèle Le Blanc
Director, Fleet Strategic Planning

David Sitland
Project Director, Polar Icebreaker Project

Regional Directors, Fleet

Stephen Decker
Regional Director, Fleet
ROC, Newfoundland and Labrador Region

Anne Miller
Regional Director, Fleet
ROC, Maritimes Region

Claude Langis
Regional Director, Fleet
ROC, Quebec Region

Brian LeBlanc
Regional Director, Fleet
ROC, Central and Arctic Region

David Snider
Regional Director, Fleet
ROC, Pacific Region

Reference List

List of Acronyms

ACV - Air Cushion Vehicle
BIO - Bedford Institute of Oceanography
C&A - Central and Arctic Region
CCG - Canadian Coast Guard
CMSG - Canadian Merchant Services Guild
C&P - Conservation and Protection
DFO - Department of Fisheries and Oceans
DND - Department of National Defence
ER - Environmental Response
FOCOS - Fisheries and Oceans’ Coordinated Olympic Support Centre
FAM - Fisheries and Aquaculture Management
FTE - Full-Time Equivalent
GPS - Global Positioning System
GT - General Technical
IPY - International Polar Year
IRB - Inshore Rescue Boat
MA - Maritimes Region
MCTS - Marine Communications and Traffic Services
MSET - Marine Security Enforcement Team
NAFO - Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization
NL - Newfoundland and Labrador Region
NACGF - North Atlantic Coast Guard Forum
NCC - National Coordination Centre
NPCGF - North Pacific Coast Guard Forum
OGD - Other Government Departments and Agencies
O&M - Operations and Management
PA - Pacific Region
PSAC - Public Service Alliance of Canada
QC - Quebec Region
RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
ROC - Regional Operations Centre
SAR - Search and Rescue
SC - Ships' Crews
SLA - Service Level Agreement
SO - Ships' Officers
SSMS - Safety and Security Management System
STCW - Standard of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping
TBD - To Be Determined
TC - Transport Canada
UNCLOS - United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
U.S. - United States
VLE - Vessel Life Extension

List of Graphs

Graph 1: Distribution of Fleet Clients 2008–2009, (% of Total of Operational Days)
Graph 2: Distribution of Vessels by Region, 2008–2009
Graph 3: Service to SAR per Region, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 4: Service per SAR Activity, 2008–2009 (% of Total Operational Days)
Graph 5: Service to ER, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 6: Service to Aids to Navigation, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 7: Service to Southern and Arctic Icebreaking, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 8: Service to MCTS, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 9: Service to Science, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 10: Service per Science Activity, 2008–2009 (% of Total Operational Days)
Graph 11: Service to FAM, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 12: Service to OGD, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 13: Trend of Reported Incidents, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009
Graph 14: Service Delivered versus Service Planned by Fleet Clients, 2008–2009 (%)
Graph 15: Percentage of Service Time Lost Due to Delays, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (% of Total Operational Days)
Graph 16: Utilization of Operational Vessels for Client Services, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (%)
Graph 17: Vessels Not Available Time Due to of Maintenance/Refit, 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Graph 18: Average Quarterly Diesel Price per Litre, 2008–2009

List of Tables

Table 1: Distribution of Marine Personnel by Employment Type as of March 2009
Table 2: Distribution of Marine Personnel by Age Category as of March 2009
Table 3 : Number of Operational Vessels and Helicopters by Class, 2008–2009
Table 4: Age of Vessels, 2008–2009
Table 5: Small Vessel Replacement
Table 6: Large Vessel Replacement
Table 7: Economic Action Plan for CCG
Table 8: Maritime Security and Safety Activities, 2008–2009 (# of Operational Days)
Table 9: FAM Activities, 2008–2009
Table 10: The Fleet’s Commitments and Achievements, 2008–2009
Table 11: Multitasking Trend, 2004–2005 to 2008–2009 (%)
Table 12: Fleet National Budget, 2008–2009 ($000)