Message From the Commissioner

Commissioner M. Gregoire

This document provides a report, as of March 31, 2012, on the progress made by the Canadian Coast Guard CCG against its commitments for 2011-12, as outlined in its Agency 2011-14 Business Plan.

2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Coast Guard. Many events have been taking place to honour CCG’s contribution to Canada. All the accomplishments during the last 50 years would not have been possible without the dedication of CCG’s employees over the years. Our people are our most valuable asset. Whether on a ship or in an office setting, our dedicated, highly skilled, diverse and experienced workforce is the backbone of the CCG. In 2011-2012, CCG continued to focus on the following strategic priorities: Asset Renewal; The Arctic; Environmental Response; Maritime Security; and e-Navigation, along with a number of management priorities.

It was a challenging year for the CCG. While implementing the Strategic Review decisions from Budget 2011, CCG also participated actively to the Deficit Reduction Action Plan in anticipation of Budget 2012. A significant amount of time and energy were allocated to these Government of Canada priorities.These efforts contributed to unplanned delays or postponements of a number of deliverables in the 2011-2012 Business Plan. The changes that will flow from Budget 2012 will enable the Coast Guard to continue its transformation towards a leaner and more efficient service organization. Our goal is to work through these changes together to achieve the best results for Canadians while minimizing negative impacts on employees across the organization.

This report is based on a detailed and extensive self-assessment by the Coast Guard Management Board. In order to better align with departmental ratings, the CCG criteria have been slightly modified. We have also added a rating of “white” for projects and deliverables that could not be completed as planned or for which the plan was amended during the fiscal year. The adjusted criteria are as follows:


  • Green: The project or deliverables planned were all met or mostly met.

  • Yellow: The project or deliverables planned were partially / substantially met.

  • Red: The project or deliverables planned were not met.

  • White: The project or deliverables could not be completed as planned / plan was amended during fiscal year.

To the best of my knowledge, this report represents a fair and accurate assessment of progress to date, based on information available at this time.

Marc Grégoire
Commissioner, Canadian Coast Guard

The following acronyms were used to highlight the commitments related to our 2006 A-Base Review (A-Base), the 2007 Report of the Auditor General (AG), the DFO 2008-2011 Employment Equity Management Action Plan (DFO EE Map), the 2010 Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) audit and the findings of the Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) conducted in 2008.