6. Conclusion

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) has revised the original Joint Industry CCG Icebreaker Requirements in order to respond to changes in sea ice conditions, traffic patterns and fleet capacity. The goal is to ensure that the icebreaking services provided to clients are affordable and deliverable. The CCG must consider its current and future situation with regard to financial resources and vessel availability. The icebreaker deployment plan described under Annex C: Planned Icebreaker Deployment 2011-2016 is the basis for fleet operational and capital planning; however, the actual service delivery may differ from year to year due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. To ensure these requirements best reflect the evolving needs of icebreaking clients and changing ice conditions, this document will be formally reviewed every five years via the mechanisms afforded by the National Marine Advisory Board (NMAB). This will also ensure that resources are aligned to evolving requirements, rather than a deployment based on historical or traditional usage.