CCGS Amundsen

Vessel details

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The CCGS Amundsen is based in Québec. She is one of the few Canadian Coast Guard vessels to have a dual purpose. Every summer, the Amundsen is charted by a scientific consortium. In winter, the vessel takes part in the Coast Guard's icebreaking operations. The size of her crew depends on the type of mission and the area to which she is deployed.

In winter, the Amundsen takes part in flood control, icebreaking and ship escort operations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the St. Lawrence River and the Saguenay Fjord. In spring, she can be called on to provide the same services in the St. Lawrence Seaway and on the Great Lakes.

Every summer, the Amundsen resumes her research vessel operations and makes her way to the Canadian Arctic to conduct a wide variety of scientific missions. In 2003, the vessel was overhauled and fitted with more sophisticated research equipment and infrastructure, including 12 laboratories, a multibeam sounder, a moon pool, 2 A-frames, 3 acoustic wells, and a conference room.

The Amundsen's electric diesel engines, which generate 11 155 kW, and the adjusted shape of its hull enable her to navigate at 3 knots in ice that is one metre thick. The vessel was designed to have great autonomy at sea, she can carry sufficient provisions for 140 days and enough fuel to travel 15 000 nautical miles at cruising speed. In addition to her high-tech navigation and communication equipment, the Amundsen can accommodate a helicopter.

Thanks to her skilled crew and highly sophisticated equipment, the Amunsden can at all times be deployed to take part in search and rescue, pollution control, fishing monitoring and national security operations, or any other mission to serve Canadians.

For more information concerning the scientific missions on board the Amundsen, please visit the ArcticNet Internet site from Laval University on the Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada

Vessel Particulars
Type Arctic Icebreaker
Length 98.33 m
Breadth 19.51 m
Draft 7.18 m
Full load displacement 5911 tm
Power 10,142 kW
Maximum speed 16 knots
Cruising speed 12 knots
Core crew 31
Builder Burrard Dry Docks Co. Ltd, British Columbia
Year Built 1979
Modernized 2003 at Quebec and Les Mechins, Quebec