Answering the Call of the Sea

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Answering the Call of the Sea


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Through the recently announced Oceans Protection Plan, the Coast Guard is emerging as a leader in co-managing Canada’s oceans by working with Indigenous groups, provinces, territories and other public and private stakeholders. The Oceans Protection Plan has four main priority areas:

  • creating a world-leading marine safety system that improves responsible shipping and protects Canada’s waters, including new preventive and response measures;
  • restoring and protecting the marine ecosystems and habitats, using new tools and research, as well as taking measures to address abandoned boats and wrecks;
  • strengthening partnerships and launching co-management practices with Indigenous communities, including building local emergency response capacity; and,
  • investing in oil spill cleanup research and methods to ensure that decisions taken in emergencies are evidence based.

With over 4,500 dedicated public servants, our presence can be felt in more than 400 locations across Canada. We offer sea-going and shore based career opportunities that are at the forefront of delivering one of the Government’s top priorities.

Whether you are willing to learn the maritime way of life, or are already in love with life on the water, we are looking for people who have a passion to help others and who bring innovative ideas, creativity, energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute and influence our path to a brighter future.

Don’t miss the boat! Join us on our journey and help us live up to our motto of “Safety First; Service Always”!

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Canadian Coast Guard College

The College recruits and develops candidates to become Canadian Coast Guard Officers in marine engineering or marine navigation.

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