Shore-based careers with the Canadian Coast Guard

Shore-based jobs in the Canadian Coast Guard including engineers, technicians and administrators.

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Services and information

Electronics technologist

Maintains and repairs technological systems on board Coast Guard vessels and at traffic centres.

Marine communications and traffic services officer

Responds to vessels in distress, coordinates marine traffic and issues weather bulletins.

Marine aids technician

Installs, configures, maintains and repairs systems of lighthouses, foghorns and communication towers.

Short range aids program supervisor

Provides and maintains buoys, light stations, lighted towers and leading lights to aid navigation.


Designs vessels, restores aids to navigation and manages electronic systems for the Coast Guard.

Administrative positions

Provides support in finance, planning, human resources, communications or information technology.

Environmental response specialist

Operates pollution response equipment to manage oil spills as part of a national response team.

Inshore Rescue Boat-North Program

Become a member of the Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) crew in Canada’s North.