Seagoing careers with the Canadian Coast Guard

Ship-based jobs in the Canadian Coast Guard including navigators, engine room crew, deckhands and cooks.

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Services and information

Navigation officer

Pilots ships, operates navigation equipment, reads nautical charts, supervises crew and uses radio.

Electrical officer

Installs, maintains, tests and repairs ship’s electrical and electronic equipment.

Ship's crew

Ship’s crew roles include deckhand, twinehand, boatswain and helmsman/helmswoman.

Logistics crew

Logistics crew roles include cook, steward, clerk and storekeeper.

Marine engineering officer

Maintains ship’s electrical, fuel, and hydraulic systems in good working order and does repairs.

Logistics officer

Buys and stores supplies, manages staff and materiel and creates financial statements.

Engine room crew

Monitors engine room equipment, checks gauges, keeps log, manages spare parts and repairs equipment.